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  1. I must ask, you think that 10400f at that price is not worth, right? I've been seeing people on like reddit telling me to go for it for example
  2. It's only available on Amazon uk for 127, but I don't know how it works now with brexit. EDIT: 9400f often goes on sale for 128, would it be worth?
  3. In Italy it's not even available on Amazon, but I think that goes for over 150€
  4. Can someone help me choose a cpu for gaming in relation to prices? -ryzen are overpriced in my area - lga 1200 : i3 10100 (124€), i5 10400f(160€) - lga 1151 (saving 15€ for mobo): i5 9400f (140€) Which would you choose? If you ask me I can tell you how much other cpu are priced. (Gpu is gtx 1660, the super costs 40€ more and I think that for 1080p 75hz is too much)