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  1. Did what you said, won't boot. Sent it back.
  2. I am already running legacy BIOS as I'm planning to Install Linux. currently both have a Windows boot partition. The thing is with the Sabrent mounted into the PCIE 4.0 Slot I'm not even getting as far as booting anywhere. Im stuck even before I am able to enter the BIOS or anything else.
  3. Hello guys, I am currently running an AMD 3900X on an MSI X570 Gaming Plus Mainboard. Now I've decided to buy a 2nd Hard Drive and use this chance to get an PCIE 4.0 SSD. I bought myself a 1TB Sabrent Rocket PCIE 4.0 Drive. The 2nd drive which is already in my PC is a 2TB Samsung 970 Evo Plus. Now my Problem is as follows: The Gaming Plus has 2 M.2 slots labelled M.2_1 and M.2_2. Out of these slots only M.2_1 supports PCIE 4.0. So i obs viously installed the Sabrent SSD into the M.2_1 Slot and moved the Samsung to the M.2_2 Slot. But when I try to boot with this configu