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  1. UPDATE - i just find out that the load of the gpu is linked to the graphic preset i mean , if i play on ultra setting it shows me a higher usage of gpu but if i set the settings to LOW it reduce the gpu usage so basiclly right now i cant lower the graphics to achive higher FPS because as i low the settings the GPU usage automatically reduced what can i do to fix it ?
  2. hi cpu is - i7 10750h undervolted by -210 mv res is 1080p and the temp are for the cpu (after the undervolting of course) its like 77-81 degrees and gpu its 76 degrees it just feel to me that im not using the full power of the 2070 (and youtube benchmarks shows me that my concern is legit , people getting much higher FPS then me with the same set up )
  3. hi guys it seems that my rtx 2070 in my laptop (asus rog srix g15) is underperform its allways stays at the 50-70 % of usage during games what weird is that at the lobby of the game (apex lagends) it shows me 97% of usage of the gpu so what is going on ? im sure that the FPS i get is lower than it supposed to be ive already undervolted the cpu by -200mv if thats affect somthing thanks !