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  1. Well as I said, I tested the vast majority of components. Nothing seemed to be faulty.
  2. I think it's a corrupted bios currently. But what do you mean by "that was would a random hardware failure"
  3. I tried it with 4 sticks still nada. I assuming dead bios.
  4. Extra memory...? I using my brother's sticks of ram. It's completely different from the ones I was using but I certainly can try this. I will update you (if you can link me the post it would be nice I can't find it when I was searching earlier)
  5. It's not overclocked. And the manual says 'D0' is CPU not integrated but I'm certain it's saying 00 which online states "not used" but I also feel it's extremely unlikely my cpu died like that
  6. Sadly its not displaying anything nor booting. (I tried on working montior and cables) so I can't get into bios
  7. Sorry typo I meant the usual method of jumping the the pins to clear CMOS. And yes I did do the battery thing Its a gtx 980 and MSI z170 gaming M5 Last time I checked bios it was XMP off and I've been trying literally every ram combination. (100% sure sticks are good)
  8. Notable components: MSI z170 Intel 6700k 16gb hyperx ram The issue started when it would randomly stop outputting a display, the lights were on, discord was working so were game sounds, it just stopped displaying now it doesn't even boot. I have my brother's pc to test, I am 100% certain that it isn't the GPU or the RAM. I even swapped out my psu for another and the same issue would occur. I was trying booting with only one stick of ram with different slots but all came up with debug code '00' (I think I already cleared CMOS but am unsure if it actually did. I did tr
  9. I did change the cable and monitor to known good ones. Still no display. The thing is I know the card is good because it worked in another system. I heavily assume mb dead. But after trying multiple different pcie slots and still running without display I'm kind of lost. I might take it to a repair shop at this point as I'm also stumped
  10. I've been trying to do this for the last hour. I'm not getting a boot screen no error codes and it seems to be fine (I even changed monitors). I tried shorting the thing to clear CMOS and also removing the battery for almost 10 minutes. Even so far as to completely remove the GPU from the system. Still no display. (I did disable the igpu montior function in bios which is why I wanted to clear CMOS to be sure)
  11. System: MSI Z170A GTX980 6700K Corsair hx 850w Hyperx 16gb ram (8x2) Samsung 950 boot drive (2x 1b HDD) So just last night whilst in game I had an issue where my graphic card would just stop displaying. I could hear and talk to my friends on discord and hear game noises in the background, this happened everytime the GPU was under load (I tried with furmark). So thinking it was the GPU, I put it into a working computer and it ran perfectly (even stress tested furmark). Next I thought maybe my psu was the issue (I had learnt my psu was 'leaking ele