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  1. Thx for the answer. I'm going to install a new cpu today, hope it will solve the problem. If not I will cry myself to sleep.
  2. Anyone else who has an idea of why it doesn't work ? And what to do ? Thx Torben
  3. Thx for the answer. I did buy a low end mobo because didnt plan to use money on the upgrade. The computerguys told me it would work, and it says so on Asus homepage as well. They installed new bios as well, and i can't run even the old r7 340 gpu, and without the gpu (old or new) it runs fine.
  4. Hello. psu Aero bronce 650w motherboard Asus prime H310M-D R2.0 cpu Intel core i5 8600k gpu Geforce gtx 1060 3 gb I was very excited when i got a I5 8600k cpu from my nephew last week, but turned quickly into horror. I took out the old cpu (i5 6400) from the mobo that was a H110M-M32 and thought it was a easy swap but no... nothing...i figured out the mobo and the cpu didnt fit together. Went to the local shop where bought the new mobo and some new ram (16 gb 2666 ddr4) went home and put it all together, new mobo, new ram, new cpu and again black screen saying n