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  1. yeah but i had no spark or smoke smell on my motherboard
  2. ok i checked online the chip thts been heating up is the Audio boost . can i simply remove the chip will it work without it ? i dont have a multimeter and the board is old like a year and half ..
  3. my MSI z370 Pro Died after i connected a used bought SilverStone PSU (750 Watt) Silver rating (I know i made a biggest problem buying a used psu) the Guy wont agree to return the psu nor agree that his psu is faulty ... so short story he was a scammer as soon as i connected the psu my sades k14 keyboard had a spark and it died and no smell or anything on my mobo. i took to like 5 repairing shops and they all even refuse to see whats the problem in it and says no one here in country fix mobos just go buy a new one i saw this video on youtube and figure out the chip near my