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  1. Does anyone have trouble with the brightness of iPhone XS? I feel like the panel isn’t doing a great job at constant brightness
  2. Idk what safari does with Netflix in full screen but it changes white balance way too frequently which makes the experience bad n now in big sur they have started a new thing (attached in photo) IMG_1592.MP4
  3. C36


    Thank you everyone for you help it was the trouble of bad connector the connector with the HDD was broken and had to get a new one thank you everyone for your help
  4. I understand apple being apple about VP9 n hevc codecs. But as of big sur these things are almost fixed. Now idk what’s the deal with Netflix app Not being on macs. Chrome books have it. Not saying they should release that app on Mac App Store cause we all know how amazing Mac App Store is (better than windows store though). But even sideloaded app should do. Any one wanna weigh in?
  5. C36


    Apparently it started working again and then windows update wanted to reboot the computer.. I did and this thing started again...🥲 so idk what’s going on
  6. C36


    When I’m in the boot settings I’m seeing toshiba partition 2 UEFI boot option only.
  7. C36


    It is a 3 year old laptop running Windows 10 on it how do I check hard drive through bios? it is stuck on the screen attached
  8. C36


    This is what it does always. And never boot. It is stuck here
  9. C36


    I am having trouble with the my dell Inspiron 1500 laptop since 8-9 months. I have tried several things to no avail. Recently I got my broken keyboard swapped out. There was a brief window where I was able to boot up the whole thing and it ran just fine for few days. But after rebooting it gets stuck in reboot again. I tried hard reboot by shutting it off but then it was stuck in preparation of auto repair.for days. I need help please
  10. I had chrome open on my MacBook 2020 with the 10th gen intel CPU. Is it normal for cpu to hit 80-90 degrees? no other apps were open it was sitting on a table the room temp was comfortably around 25 degrees i was using intel power gadget to test the temp. Help please