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  1. Thank you, how could one know if the ssd is DRAMless or not? because I did wonder about that but did not see it in the specifications
  2. Hello, I am trying to find an ssd for my ThinkPad x1 carbon gen 2, I tried my nvme m.2 Samsung Evo 960 ssd, but apparently the laptop only supports sata (I am a ware of the speed constraints). I found this one what do you guys think? Amazon.com: Kingston A400 240G Internal SSD M.2 2280 SA400M8/240G - Increase Performance: Computers & Accessories I am looking for something at the ~$35 range as this is my secondary laptop (I daily a xps15 with 1TB nvme Evo 970, but need something thin and light when going around) Thank you