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  1. My cpu died? But it was not oc or done anything , I dont overclock my cpu how come my cpu died , perhaps maybe the motherboard,I tried everything, maybe I downloaded a recent bios f52 and not compatible or a realtek drivers at the motherboard is it perhaps the problem?
  2. Hello guys, please help me, I’m running out of ideas, I’m a first time builder, my pc specs ryzen 5 2600 b450 aorus elite v2 rtx 2060 super evga 600 watts 1tb hdd 128ssd 2x8 16gb ram I was currently studying because I have exam, my pc suddenly blue screen its says irl not less or equal, I was frutrated these days that my pc is having blue screen, I try many things before my pc wont like boot: updating gpu drivers, windows updated, checking malwares, checking memtest86, windows diagnostic tool, checking disk, scanning, trouble shoot, using command p