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  1. I am going into computer science and i need help finding a new laptop. I am not sure what specs i need and if anyone has any idea please let me know. I am also wanting to stay with windows over mac.
  2. I am going to school as a CS major and am needing a laptop. I want to find something between $500 and $900 (USD) that would be great to use. I need at least 256gb ssd and 8gbs of ram. I don't care for RGB or the 'gamer' look. I would like at least 6 or more cores. Would love to have it be a 2-in1 but it's not a priority. I will be taking my laptop to and from school and coffee shops to do homework so I need it somewhat durable. I have been looking at a: -HP Envy 360x 15.6 inch with a ryzen 5 (2-in-1) -Acer Swift 3 (ryzen 7)