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  1. It happens whenever there is movement but only bright things on dark backgrounds. I have a ViewSonic monitor that is a VA panel and on the cheaper side. So I suspect this is the "Ghosting" effect? There is a Response Time option and I don't see much difference between Std Adv and Ultra.
  2. When there is movement on my monitor in a dark scene with a lot of black the scrolling background often goes dim and then pops back in when stops moving. See the attached video for example. This happens on all my monitors but is most prevelant on the new 144hz 1440p ViewSonic i just got. What is this phenomenon called and can it be stopped or minimized? None of the settings on my monitor seem to change it's behavior, as well as the resolution or framerate etc. Also happens in other games as well. Mostly notice with 2D darker scrolling games. 20210121_130739.mp4
  3. Hello, I recently updated my GA502DU from 302 to 304. About 50% of the way through the progress bar the screen went black but the laptop was still on. I let it go for another 15 minutes when nothing changed. Nothing was responding. No screen glow the backlight on the keyboard was still on. I had to hold the power button down for 30 seconds in order to get it to power down. Started it back up and nothing came on the monitor. Power light is on and the fans are going and even ramp up after a while but no other activty. Any suggestions? Can I recover the BIOS? The machine was purchased Last S