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  1. Now with the front cover open ? Because thats a bit hard to do with this case
  2. All the fans are spinning in the right direction and oriented correctly. After the repaste the temps sadly didn't change whatsoever.
  3. also, I've just noticed that I wrote sharkoon tg5 rgb but its the tg6 rgb really
  4. so i hope this isn't too long but i ran it for about 8 minutes. the first 4 are only cpu under load and the 4 minutes after are with gpu and cpu under load. HardwareLog_2.CSV
  5. Just some more pics bcs you couldn't really see
  6. So first here are the pictures of the paste, secondly the case fans are connected with molex and running at max speed all the time. I can send the log when the pc is all connected up again.
  7. yes its quite a big difference and the temperatures also differ greatly depending on the use of the graphics card. so could I assume that the airflow is bad ?
  8. like recommended I've reseated and repasted the cooler once again, but the temperatures aren't better. My concern at this point is that the heatsink isn't getting hot in comparison to that of the graphics card. The thermal paste i used is the alpenphoen glatteis, of which i still have some left, so i could repaste again. Originally I had the amd Stock cooler, with the paste preapplied to it, installed but at that time the temperatures were even higher. And the temperatures are stated the same is all programs that I've used: ryzen master, core temp, msi afterburner
  9. I've updated all drivers an the bios once again. Bios version: F30.0. I have the tools and even some paste available to reseat the cpu but i did that too before. I also uploaded an image from what my cpu looks like after ten minutes of stress test. As you can see, the idle temperature isn't ideal too.
  10. I've downloaded my drivers both from gigabyte and amd directly but it didn't seem to make a difference, I'll update the Bios later today. I can't tell you the versions right now bcs I'm out for school right now. But I'll inform you later this day. And also I forgot to note that the cool design of my graphics card is from gigabyte too.
  11. Hey there, so I have two problems to be precise, my first problem is that my Cpu (3600) is getting very hot, even though i have a alpenphoen brocken eco advanced built in which has a Tdp of 170W. My second problem is, that the Pc is sometimes rebooting under load, without any error message or anything. I've updated and reinstalled my drivers multiple times and windows 10 home is running on the newest version. I've done 3d mark timespy without crashing. After that I did the stresstest in cpu-z which brought up the cpu temperatures up to 90°C. But not only is the CPU getting ve