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  1. thanks, this really helped. i thought something was very wrong
  2. Its the MSI P55A-G55. i had a choice between plugging in a 8 pin connector, and a 2 4-pin connector. i plugged in the 8 pin as shown in research. should i have gone for the 2 4-pin connector? just now, it stopped blinking and has remained on, but it didn't do this in the old case.
  3. i recently switched my PC to a different case. i plugged everything back in, it turns on fine, everything is working as normal. but there is a blue blinking light in the top left corner. it seems to have no pattern to its blinking whatsoever. any ideas of what this is? this light was not blinking in the old case. it could be something with the BIOS settings, but i just don't know what. also, is this an issue? is this some sort of warning light? thanks.