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  1. Have done this, not working. I will try to update BIOS and see if that does anything so far not reading the bios download .cap folder.
  2. Update on this: I will try to get another ssd and completely disconnect my nvme drive to see if i can create new boot drive for windows from the new ssd. If i still bluescreen then it is probably a hardware issue
  3. I have reseated the ram, turns out they where in the wrong slot BUT that was not the problem either way. I cannot reinstall windows because I simply cannot boot into the USB or the nvme without bluescreening. I have checked every cable and replugged everything. I am still having the same problem. I don't have another pc to test parts on because my friend that has the same build lives in another state.
  4. Before I explain my problem, here is my current pc setup: Ryzen 7 3700x 3080 FE WD_Black nvme 1 tb Ripjaw V 3600 ddr4 Asus tuf gaming 750 GT evga psu (AIO h100i not that it matters but my cpu IS cool in case anyone's wondering.) Now I have had a couple of pc i built and when they would blue screen after a couple of years I would not be too bummed an could usually just replace the part I though was faulty and it usually worked. Yesterday I started building the pc I put in the beginning and everything was going well. I did the normal usb