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  1. Thanks for response. I get what your are trying to tell me and yes, I am taking those marketing statements with a grain of salt. What's bothering me is, I found zero material with quantifiable results online, so I guess no one came up with this idea. I am not interested in which games/benchmars under utilize (or don't ) their core count in accordance to resolution. But I do want to know by how much exactly a gpu of yesteryesteryear does better than it's almost identical bigger brother with more cores and less clockspeed. That's why I pointed out the benchmark idea with
  2. Hi everyone. I saw Sony's PS5 keynote presentation a while ago and I want to discuss one particular statement that was made there: higher clocked gpus are better than lower clocked gpus with more cores. They were referring to the then fresh revelation, that the new xbox actually will have 2 tflops more raw gpu performance. This is thanks to the having around 50% more streaming processors than the otherwise similar PS5 SOC. However due to the PS5s 400mhz higher gpu clock, the tflops difference is only 20%. Sony actually claimed, that due to the overall higher clock speeds, other factors beyond