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  1. If it was a Twitch issue would I see the dropped frames in OBS? Because I actually see it lag at times. And I've no idea. What do you suggest? Depending on how busy the Twitch servers are, sometimes they allow the scaling. I just thought it might be less strain for viewers.
  2. I've done that and it seems to have helped. I'm getting 100 FPS now. I'll try upping my graphics to see if it gets a little more bearable looks wise as well as performance.
  3. I ran a test in-game there with my Task Manager open and my stream live. It was using 90%-100% of my GPU and around 70% of my CPU.
  4. I'm using NVENC. Base Resolution: 1920x1080 Output Resolution: 1536x864 Bitrate: 6000Kbps I use OBS. I doubt my internet speed or ping is the issue as I stream other games absolutely perfect, such as Apex Legends, FIFA, etc. That's not the point. My streams are choppy and drop frames is my point and I need it to stop. I invested a lot of money into having good PC specs and my friends with lower PC specs have no issues whatsoever running and streaming the game.
  5. Hi, I’m currently running off a i9 9900k with a 2080 Super and 32gb of RAM. I stream to Twitch from a single PC and I constantly have issues streaming Call of Duty: Warzone. I run all the graphics at the lowest settings possible and I’m constantly dropping frames and lagging. I know others who don’t have PC systems as good as mine and they have no issues whatsoever with streaming Warzone. The max FPS I get is like, 60/70 and that’s uncapped. Modern Warfare is installed on my M.2 drive and the C:\ is installed on a separate SSD. I run OBS/Modern Warfare in admin mode too