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  1. The only software i use is the amd radeon software and setted the tuning profile to deafault i have too msi afterburner but i dont use it.I dont know about the airflow my previous psu was only with a fan on back likeky it was only for cooling itself and not the case my new psu there is a fan which is faced with my gpu but there is no difference at temps.
  2. i have a pc from HP its model is HP pavilion 580-101nv i have it for 3 years and the only thing i changed in it is the psu with a cooler master mwe 500 white v2.I already thinked that it will help my gpu making it cooler but i did not see any difference at temps my gpu reaches 82c max for now and in summer reaches 85c max.I tryed to clean the fan and replace the thermal paste but i dint see any difference too and im not sure if i placed the thermal paste right.btw when i oppened the gpu to change thermal paste i saw some stickers that im not sure what are those but they was came off on the ups
  3. the monitor runs fine with 75hz with no black screens i see only tearing when i try to play games with adaptive sync enable and disabled v sync which is logical the monitor says that adaptive sync is supported for 48-60hz.I had black screens on the past when i was using hdmi but at random times the most times was when i was browsing and rarely at gaming either when it was 60hz either when i was creating a custom resolution from amd software and oc it at 75hz so i think the cable was the problem.After i got display port i have never saw any black screen so thank you i ll keep it at 75hz.
  4. Before 3 days i bought a Display Port cable for my monitor (ASUS VZ239Q).I was using it with HDMI all this time and i saw that it has an adaptive sync and it cant be enable with hdmi only with display port 1.2 and higher so when i switched to display port i saw that i have an opinion of 75hz in display settings.So i went to asus website and check the specs of the monitor it says that is 60hz and i saw that the signal frequency of the monitor is this ---->Analog Signal Frequency : 54~85.5 KHz(H)/ 48~76Hz(V) the display digital signal frecuency didnt show anything.So is it safe to put the mon