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    Basically everything.
  1. At this point i dont care about my data anymore,Just hope warranty change the HDD and give me a new one. True actually.
  2. yeah true.but they have a life span.
  3. tried it last night,but suddenly stopped in middle of it and since this morning till now couldn't get the drive to work again. and start to make freaky noise and the second partition now doesn't show up anymore.
  4. Hi guys just joined here,and long story short.yesterday i Dropped my archive HDD on the floor while it was still attach to my HDD hub, So that end up with one of the partitions on the hard drive not working and didnt show up I tried everything Using Software to using CMD commend to run check disk SO i end up formatting the partition which now everything is normal. Does anybody know a good software to recover the folders and name of the files ? I don't want the actual file recover,because its a 1TB partition would take forever,just need the name of folders an