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  1. no overclock, i know that overheating cause bsod, but the weird thing the pixelation on screen and it crash all my pc.
  2. So i had rx 470, but recently i got BSOD, and screen pixelated. But before it, i played rainbow six without any issue, and genshin impact, the bsod happen when im start csgo, and pixelated happen when opening steam and valorant, could my gpu dead or defect?
  3. i already DDU it, looks like it working but im afraid it will still happen in the near future.
  4. it happen quite a lot, but when it happen it crash the game and send back to Destop, the last time happen on steam main menu and genshin impact startup of the game (same artifact but with purple color)
  5. No i think, it crash at the startup genshin impact but the background app still run, it also happen when i opening genshin impact official server and running steam
  6. and it happen to when running steam(before change the psu) and genshin impact official website
  7. So i had this issue for last 3 week, i play like company of heroes then the screen pixelated and crash the game send me back to deskop with bug splat, i had this issue too playing genshin impact, when startup of the game, but when i played rainbow six siege, csgo, dota2, gta 5 i never had this issue, dota and csgo sometimes, when i adjusting my video but doesn't crash the game, pls help me dealing with this issue. My system: -Ryzen 3 3200g -RX 470 BIOSTAR -GIGABYTE A320M-S2H V2 -BEQUITE SYTEM POWER 9 500W -2HDD 7200RPM -1 X 8 GB 2666
  8. would you recomend i go for cv 550W base on budget
  9. im planing to buy a new psu my system: ryzen 3 3200g gigabyte A320M-s2h v2 1x 8 gb Ram 2666 2 HDD SATA 7200 Rx 470 biostar
  10. I been looking for good and compactible for my sytem, i have been asking and they said this brand bad, this suck. I really dont understand about power supply, pls help me. My system: Ryzen 3 3200g 1 x 8 gb 2666 2 HDD 7200rpm Rx 470 Gigabyte A320M-S2H V2 Im not gonna overclock it
  11. its korean psu, my friend also never heard it, so it could be the psu that causing pixelated and crash?
  12. Yes i did, i think the adrenaline driver cause the crash cause im moving from igpu to gpu, or could be the psu