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  1. Thank you very much, I'll try this technique, I just wasn't sure if this was right.
  2. so when it crashes, just add voltage, right?
  3. Cooling won't be problem, already made custom bracket to push coldplate to GPU + I'll be using liquid metal. Dropping GPU from 90°C to 60°C doesn't make any difference now. May I ask you what to do to push it harder, sice you look like you have the solution?
  4. Hey guys, I'm not exactly new to overclocking, but neveder done anything more than "light" software/BIOS OC. I've got Toshiba P50-A-13C laptop with i7-4700MQ & nVidia GT 740m. It ain't much, but I feel there is more performance than it shows inside. My main focus is to overclock the hell out of that GPU, since it's seriously holding me back in games. I used NVinspector to go from 1058MHz to 1104MHz on the core, but it seems to be on the edge of stability. Attatching .xlsx file with HWinfo logs + graphs from 3DMark Skydiver benchmark. I'd be grateful for any additional info you c