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  1. I appreciate the quick reply's! I guess I will be going for the 3070 and try my best to get it launch day. I noticed in some games that my CPU pins to 98-100% and was assuming that the CPU was bottlenecking since I'm streaming sometimes. Guess its either my settings or I'm doing something wrong.
  2. Hi guys, new member here and I'm seeking help. Currently on a i5-6600k and a 1060 6gb. Looking for some best bang for my buck upgrades for around 700-800 cad. dont know what is going to bottleneck what if I upgrade either one, was going for a b550 and a 3700x but I dont know if the 1060 would bottleneck, or I would upgrade to a 2070 super but I dont know if the i5 would bottleneck that. would really appreciate some help! -Skepix