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  1. Okay thanks! I think its slightly worth noting that it was plugged in during these temps. If being plugged in makes it run hotter would you suggest just using it unplugged and plugging it in when necessary if I cared about longevity of my system parts? On a different note do you know if it matters if I keep it plugged in vs plug it in when i need to charge it or plugging it in every night when im not using it with regards to longevity of battery life? Thanks again.
  2. I received this laptop yesterday and have been worried about the temperature as the fans will ramp up and the temperature goes up to around 70C when i watch youtube streams on fullscreen. But if I watch twitch it stays around 50-55C. Was just wondering if this was normal for anyone else who has this model, thanks! I also did all the windows updates and checked the bios is the most updated.