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    Ryzen 9 5950X
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    ROG Strix X570-E
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    GSkill Trident Z Royal 64GB
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    RTX 3090
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    Lian Li PC-O11 (Razer Edition)
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  1. A few years back, I went on an adventure to use only windows on my mac mini as I had no use for it otherwise at the time. I used bootcamp to get into the windows installer and wiped the drive and all its contents related to MacOS and went on my way. Here I am now, needing to reinstall MacOS and not being able to access the recovery partition in macOS and here I am. I could have tried to just use online recovery mode but I am not sure how that works anyway. So what are my options??
  2. Hello I'm a student that is doing homework at home and is an avid gamer at the same time. My current setup is an old LG laptop running a 7200U cpu. U might not be able to find this because it is a Korea-Only laptop. (I live in Korea). My budget is about 1500 USD and I intend to edit 1080p video, 4K photo and do CAD. Gaming will be a secondary but very important factor in this laptop and media consumption is also part of my daily routine. I need a quad-core CPU at least and is mostly aiming for a mobile workstation. I will buy a 13~14 inch laptop. GPU performance is sort of vital because of the
  3. I mean... overclocking might be an I mean... overclocking might be an option. But the rx570 would have been a better choice if thats in stock. good luck tho
  4. I was looking up pcpartpicker the other day. Since the rtx3000 series gpus are pretty much non existent(crappy stock). I also found a 2070 super in stock on promo. I live in korea so rtx2000 series is still going strong here. I want to go nvidia because of ray tracing and nvenc encoder. I want to game at 1080p 144hz no compromises at all times. Any recommendations? FYI: I was considering 2070 super as my choice.
  5. 9900K is basically equal to a 10700K so it could theoretically handle a 3090
  6. technically that would qualify as cheating,,,,,,, but well........
  7. are we allowed to enter more than 1 email for 1 person in the giveaway??
  8. Budget (including currency): 1000$ Country: Korea, Republic Of Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Shadow of the tomb raider, total war three kingdoms, civilization, stellaris Other details 1080p 144hz absolutely no compromises please recommend me a list of parts for about 1000
  9. Budget (including currency): Unlimited KRW, USD Country: Korea, Republic Of Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Gaming, Benchmarking Other details 1080p 144hz (XBOX ONE X SCORPIO) I wanted to build a pc in the xbox one x chassi the other day but dont know where to begin wut do u guys think??
  10. OK. So I found his killer deal on eBay for a used x370 crosshair but I can’t use it with the 5000 iteration of the Ryzen chips. Could I effectively flash a x570 bios on the the 370 to make it work??
  11. So I was looking up the clearance limits of the node 202 the other day. I'm wondering if the bundled stock amd 3600 cooler will fit in the small case. And if it fits, how would airflow, noise and temps favor? If it doesn't fit, what would be some recommendations for a good cooler? Just so you know, I will be updating the rig a lot so it is best if the cooler that you guys recommend can at least last me a solid 2 years or so
  12. I am interested in undervolting the cpu and gpu because node 202 airflow is pretty bad anyways
  13. I intend to upgrade every 6 months on a budget of 400 dollars with each upgrade. This build will updated quite frequently
  14. So I was looking up PCPartPIcker to build a node 202 sff build. I settled for a 10400 because of the shortage of 3600s in my area. But I'm struggling to pick a gpu for my build. I intend to do video editing at 1080p and play shadow of the tomb raider and total war three kingdoms at 1080p ultra settings. What should I do?? I originally considered a gtx 1080ti and rtx 2060 but I became unsure of myself and I am wondering if I should wait for the RTX 3060/ti