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  1. So if I don't SLI I can't do surround gaming? I though the main purpose of SLI was to funnel multi-GPU to a single monitor... If you have any articles that can better detail/inform on the matter I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I'm shooting for 4, but might step up to 6 some day. I used to do 6 x 22 @ 1080 and it was great. So I plan on starting with 4 and see where I go from there. So just the gpu's w/o sli will do the job?
  3. Thanks everyone! Lots of info here! The reasoning for the SLI config/question was to setup multiple 4k monitors... but I wonder if that's even needed, maybe just the run the cards separate and split the monitors between them? Idk, maybe be a question for the V-Card section.
  4. Not 100% sure yet, I was thinking of the 2070 super, from the NVIDIA site, it says that's the lowest RTX that can do NVLINK SLI.
  5. I'm shopping for a motherboard in the LGA2066 family, thinking of getting the I9-10900X. However, that processor supports 48-lane PCI-E... but I can't seem to find any motherboards that offer 3 x PCI-E running @ x16... For example, I'm looking at the X299 XPOWER GAMING AC, it shows that the most it does is 16/0/16/8. The only reason I care, is because if I decide tomorrow to put 3 video cards in there with SLI (not looking to discuss the pro and cons of SLI atm), then all 3 cards would run at x8, because it can only do the lowest of the 3...right? What am I missing?? Can someone please enli