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  1. I was talking specifically for the case of reversing polarity of 12v pins and ground pins, in the case of the psu detecting that, would it protect the motherboard?
  2. I see, so OVP/UVP specifically prevents motherboard burning?
  3. I am trying to understand this scenario: https://superuser.com/questions/1142617/what-happens-after-plugging-in-62-pin-power-cable-into-2x4pin-for-cpu-into-moth According to one user: "if your PSU has OVP/UVP protection, then it will shut down that rail before the voltages go more or less than the socket needed (which I think it did with yours since everything is working)" According to another: "The voltage regulator circuit (aka voltage regulator module) on your motherboard took the 'brunt' of the reversed polarity on the ground plane." Is the PSU with such
  4. I have plans to use a used CPU. My question is, could a faulty CPU damage a motherboard or vice versa? Is it something that should be avoided? How should used CPUs be tested? Many thanks.
  5. Thank you for the response. My concern is not the 1000W. Lets say that the used mobo is fried/shorted, could that affect the expensive PSU?
  6. I purchased the EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 G1+ and I am waiting for it to arrive. I have a motherboard that is used and I cannot know if it malfunctions in any way. Would you advise me to use the new powerful psu to test the motherboard or use a cheaper psu to test it? If so, what should that test psu be? Many thanks.