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  1. The RX6800 is $579 and RX6800XT is $649..... isn't the XT card more reasonable here because I feel AMD just overpriced the RX6800 it must have been $500.
  2. Hey but you guys must appreciate AMD for their effort in both CPU AND GPU changes.
  3. Yea I am expecting a quick reply from Nvidia with their Ti or Super series. But at the end of the day it all depends on the PRICE.
  4. Since Nvidia just launched the RTX 3000 series for reasonable prices(except the RTX 3090 duhhhh!) , today AMD launched their New RDNA 2 RX 6000 series Graphics Cards again with reasonable prices. Also since AMD announced some AMD specific features like Smart Memory Access that requires Ryzen 5000 series processors and 500 series motherboards their graphs during the presentation had a asterisk below mentioning RAGE MODE( OC MODE ) and SMART MEMORY ACCESS. Only when these modes are enabled they are comparable to the RTX 3000 series cards or will it be able to perform ? Also is t
  5. Is it the Xeon processor? Or The segue to our sponsor "Glasswire"