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  1. I don't have that, but have a lot of back and joint problems...I've seen every doctor, therapist and done every treatment possible, nothing really helps. Just have to live with it...
  2. Hahaha I know what a nub looks like Those were on Thinkpads, just didn't know that regular keyboards could have them. But my point was I want to use something to the side of the keyboard
  3. That wouldn't work, I need something where I can rest my arm and wrist on the desk a bit. A nub like that would further concentrate my hand position to a small work surface. But thanks for the suggestion.
  4. I do use some basic keyboard shortcuts, but that wouldn't be possible for all I need to do in my job.
  5. As I work from home like many other people, I've managed to put in workarounds to sign documents, but such a device would be really handy. I've started looking at different brands and models, but I've never used one before, so I don't know what's a good one. I know basic ones have a screen that stays blank when you sign, others "shows" your handwriting and others even display the document. I would like one that displays your handwriting, but i don't need one that displays the document. Seems Topaz are the most popular. I'm thinking of something like the T-LBK460-HSB-R,
  6. I've started to have pain and stiffness in my right hand and no matter what I do (stretches, modifying hand position on mouse...), nothing seems to help. Is there anything that you would suggest I try that WORKS as well as a mouse ? I've thought about an external trackpad, vertical mouse, trackball... but leaning towards a trackpad, as my thinking is that I wouldn't be holding/clenching a device, so my hand, joints and ligaments would be less solicited. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great, thanks !