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  1. You guys know who this is?! LOL
  2. Its up to you if you need something or not. Try to be practical but not cheap. Intel and AMD are both great. Its just a matter of what you are used to. Apple makes a good watch. I confirmed this. I use a series 3. it is convenient so you don't have to get your phone in your pocket always for notifications. You don't need the best. You just have to get what you need and a bit more so you have a buffer.
  3. In my opinion, its because manual is really a hassle to use for traffic jams and steep inclines. I know how to drive both tho but it was a nightmare to be stuck in traffic for a total of 5 hours in a day with manual and when the engine stalls when you make a mistake LOL! The second time i used a manual, i needed to use a manual for 100km due to my work. Other than my first use of my manual in a driving test where i only had an hour of practice. i have no history of using or practicing a manual transmission in my life LOL. You will get used to it and the people who are honking their horns
  4. Nowadays, ALCOHOL! I regularly use it when getting a ticket, paying for toll, or when i just got back to the car.
  5. They just don't feature it in their videos LOL. They just use those cause they are the most graphically or processor demanding even with the RTX cards i believe.
  6. In that case, go to advanced system settings>performance<select performance mode. it will focus less on animations on your desktop and more on your processes
  7. https://www.techradar.com/news/best-laptop-cooling-pad Take your pick LOL
  8. Well in any case bro, You have more than enough to play anything under the sun. So Enjoy LOL
  9. Hmm, if your laptop works hot already with its 1080p144hz display. It will get hotter with a UHD display. A laptop cooler might help if you want. in my opinion, your high refresh rate laptop screen is better than this for gaming
  10. You plug in your laptop to the monitor?