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  1. Ive already ordered 32GB CL16 3200MHz. but i dont think that is making the issue
  2. I am getting min 76 max 216 fps. Very variable it is 2 x 8 GB mobo, ram, cpu and gpu is new. i was looking on my friends computer with 2080 and i9-10900k in same game. He has 70-90 gpu usage and 40-50 cpu
  3. Hi, first of all i will list you my computer specs: GPU = Zotac RTX 3080 CPU = Ryzen 9 3900X MEM = 16 GB 2666MHz CL16 HD = 2 x 500GB SSD I have some troubles in games, especially PUBG with low fps ( ive seen test at youtube it should have around 150-200 fps) at 1440p ultra + alot more gpu usage. in my setup my gpu works between 30% to 60% most of the time. cpu is laying between 20% - 45% i dont believe there is bottleneck in my setup. Ive been reading in and out on forums and youtube about this issue.