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  1. Yes, I am sort of on a budget. I currently don't have like $5,000 to dump on a new PC right now. I kind of wanted something that I can iterate on for awhile, something I can slowly update the parts to if you know what I mean. Thanks for the input! I had a sneaking suspicion that would most likely have to start from scratch. I was hoping that maybe I could salvage most of it and just update a few parts, but the more I think about it, it might be cheaper to start from scratch. Do you have any suggestions on what parts I could start with?
  2. Hello there! I am new to the forum and I wanted some suggestions on how I should start updating my PC build. I have been PC gaming for about 5-ish years now, but I haven't really updated my PC much in that time (unless you want to count a jump from a crappy 2010 laptop to an okay-ish build to an old HP workstation). Even though I have been gaming on PC for awhile, I am still relatively new to the whole swapping parts thing. I am hoping to obtain one of the new RTX 30 Series cards next year so that I can run Ray tracing, VR, and maybe even native 4K in the future (although I am comp