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  1. Ok, so my PC wasn't crashing for 3 days straight. But today I put on XMP settings back to what they were before and within a couple of minutes my PC crashed.
  2. So yesterday, the day after I replaced the PSU, my PC didn't crash at all. I don't really know what happened right after I installed the new power supply, it could be that the BIOS thought that I was using the same PSU, but after that problem my PC ran fine. I pretty much used it lightily (video calls and youtube mostily) for about 8 hours and at the evening I ran 3dMark, Cinebench and Heaven, just to see if it's stable underload. After that I just put a long youtube video for about 4 hours and it didn't crash. I'm not to sure if it was the PSU that was faulty or it was something in my BIOS se
  3. OK, so I got a new PSU. It's Corsair's RM850i. And after I installed it my PC, without putting the panels back on, it would boot up just fine. But when I was finished and cleaned everything my PC would just crash and reboot 3 times until Windows just booted to recovery. I then went to my BIOS and resetted it to default settings and it booted up fine. I literary had nothing but the XMP for my RAM on. I haven't tested my PC that much, but I'll let you guys know if somethings up.
  4. Hey yall I just got this power supply and it has a bent pin in the PCIe connector. Can I bent it back or what should I do.
  5. So I have run some tests today. Mainly I ran Cinebench again, 3dMark and Heaven benchmark. And while my PC passed all of them, there was a really noticible coil whine when I ran 3dMark and Heaven benchmark. I could hear the coil whine from where I was sitting. So I think it could be a bad power supply. And I have contacted a store I know if I could borrow a power supply to try to fix it.
  6. Reinstalling graphics card drivers didn't work. Reinstalled them a couple of hours before and the PC crashed again without BSOD.
  7. i also checked the PSU voltages on HWMonitor while running Cinebench just in case. I'm not to sure, but I think those are fine? Edit: I also checked on my bios and it says that my +12 v rail is on 11.98 v. I do hope that I can be done with this soon, cuz I have alot of stuff to do rn for school that I really need my PC. And having it crashing out of nowhere just makes me a bit worried.
  8. I also used BlueScreenView to check for Dump files and I found 3 of them. Hopefully this also helps a bit. (Don't really know what is watchdog.sys)
  9. I have also found some an error called Event 6008, Event Log. Here they are: - System - Provider [ Name] EventLog
  10. I don't remember, but looking at the Event Viewer it gives me a different Bug check code. I'll just copy and paste the whole thing right here. - System - Provider [ Name] Microsoft-Windows-Kernel-Power
  11. No luck. I reseated the m.2 drive and it still crashes randomly. I even got the BSOD error that time. Now I really don't know what's causing the problem.
  12. I checked the m.2 SSD before and it seems like it was connected properly. But I will still try to reseat it tomorrow. I do also play some video games from time to time, but I mostly have them stored in my SATA drive. I usually stored programs like Photoshop or other Adobe programs on my m.2 drive. I have also tried to connect the pump to other SATA connectors on the cable and I the PC would shut down even more frequently. I then plugged another SATA poewr cable to my power supply and used that to power my water cooler. So far there were no problems, but I feel like the PC can still crash.
  13. So I reattached the SATA power cables and my PC crashed again a few moments after. I'm not really that sure what it's causing it, because my PC can run just fine even when I run Cinebench. It could be that I'm using a splitted SATA cable to power all of my SATA devices, but I'm not to sure. It seems like it just crashes randomly for no reason.
  14. I do have some SATA powered devices on my PC (SATA SSD, an AIO water cooler and a RGB hub that came with my case). I'll reseat the SATA cables tomorrow cuz it's a bit late right now where I live. Thanks for the advice tho. I'll also let you guys know if I'll experience this problem again. So far it has happened again today, but much later in the day. And when it happened I wasn't doing anything really, just using my web browser.
  15. I had checked all of the connections on my motherboard and it looks like they are ok. The whole PC with the power supply is not that old yet so I don't think that the PSU is faulty. The only recent thing I did to my PC is upgrading the cooler that came with my processor to an AIO water cooler. Before that I didn't have that kind of problem before, except one time I played Cyberpunk 2077. I'm not to sure if the power supply is not capable giving enough power to my other components, but in theory it should be, since my PC needs 438W of power and my PSU can supply 750W. I'll leave my PC Part
  16. I had my PC for about 3 months or so, so the PSU is a bit new. I'll check if the connections with the components and the PSU are OK. I'll also let you guys know if this happens again.
  17. No. The only overclocked thing I have is the XMP profile fro my memory, but even that I had to underclock it a bit, since my pc was crashing when I ran my CPU's FLCK clock at 1800MHz. So I had my RAM running at 3466MHz instead of 3600 MHz it was rated.
  18. Hey guys. So my PC crashed out of nowhere when I was looking at the CPU temperatures on HWMonitor, without a Blue Screen of Death. The same thing happened when I was playing Cyberpunk 2077 a month ago, but in between that, I never experienced it again. I went to View reliability history and I found this. And I think that it wasn't my CPU because it the temperatures were around 40C. I hope someone will know what has happened.
  19. I was actually thinking about getting an AiO sometime in the future, like sometime next year. Now I really don't know if I should wait a bit and use the Wraith Prism cooler or if I should order one ass soon as possible. I was looking at Arctic Liquid Freezer II 240 and Corsair's h100i. I was also thinking about Cooler Master's MasterLiquid v2, but I heard some bad things about that cooler. The Arctic's cooler is just below 100 euros while the Corsair's is 150.
  20. Thank you for the reply. Is there another way to find out if the bearing is worn out or broken, like by looking at it or hearing a certain noise from the fan. I think I should contact AMD about this somehow. I'll also let you guys know if this liquid will appear again.
  21. Hey guys once again! Today I have noticed some kind of a moisture on my Wraith Prism cooler, right under the fan on the black plastic. It wasn't that much, it was like a drop of something. I think that it could be oil from the fan, because when I wiped the moisture, it would make the area where I whiped shiny/greasy. I didn't found any kind of moisture in my other fans in my PC, so I think it's something to do with the cooler and not my room where the PC is. I would be glad to hear from you guys. Also can I ask something about cleaning the fans. Can I move them clockwise or countercl
  22. OK, I don't want to jinx myself again, but I think that turning the mouse off when not ising my PC. Thank you guys! I'll let you guys know if something happens again.
  23. Hello. So like everyone today I have played Cyberpunk 2077 on my PC. But after an hour and a half of gaming my pc turned off and rebooted itself. Now I think that my PC overheated, because I had it running for almost the entire day (had classes in zoom, played rocket league with my friends and downloading Cyberpunk) and I noticed that my PC was blowing out quite hot air from the exhaust fan. My room was pretty warm at the time so that also didn't helped. After my PC rebooted itself I ran Cinebench, which when it ran my PC was making strange elecrical noise. After that I ran Cyberpunk again for
  24. Hello one again! I have a question about the spark thing. Can that spark damage the dimm slots that I'm not using on my PC? I haven't tried testing them by reinstalling my ram sticks into those slots because I'm a bit afraid that something will happen. I'm planning on getting the same set of ram and I think it wouldn't be fun to find out at the end that I can't use all of my dimm slots.