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  1. I dont know what a fov is. My temps are fine (39c in games) and my radiator fan is normally at 1200 rpm. The only thing I want to know is should I rotate my pump thing on cpu so the tubes are next to rams or its fine this way.
  2. Hello guys, I have a Silverstone PF120 (which has 1 fan) on my 9400f. I had to install it the way which the in and out tubes are next to vram heatsink because of tubes flexibility issues. I have seen it is normally next to ram slots. Is it fine or should i change the rotation somehow? Thanks
  3. Oh you are right 18+10. Thanks for your reply
  4. Hello, I've got a ROG 550g power supply for my ROG B365-G motherboard. the MB connection on the psu has a 20+10 pin (the cable has the same pins too) and the motherboard end has 24 pins. Should I attach both 20 and 10 pins to the psu or just the 20 pins one? Thanks