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  1. So.. after some research I picked the Pixel 4a (not the 5G one). Im OK with the very stock Android(but I will try a custom one anyway lmao) and I like the Design. Thank you all guys for helping me. P.S: How do I close a thread? Edit: Got it
  2. After some research, my favourites are: Poco X3(i hate the camera design thought) Xiaomi Mi 10(not the lite, not the ultra) Pixel 4a I looked at the S10 Plus and the S20 FE and I really like them, but they are really expensive. Samsungs offerings are nice, but a little bit to expensive. Any recommendations under 600$?
  3. what exactly would you recommend?
  4. A S20 FE is kinda expensive though... i think 750€ is a little bit too much.. i would spend a maximum of 600
  5. i dont really care about security i have all important things in my nextcloud
  6. Hi, i want to switch from my iPhone 8 to an Android Phone. I don't want to spend much money on it and i wont sell my old iPhone(if i wanna switch back). I thought of: LG Velvet 4G Google Pixel(maybe the 5) Some Xiaomi Phones I need: Qualcomm Quick Charge A HEADPHONE JACK USB-C Charging It shouldnt be: Too pricy Too heavy(not much more than an iPhone X) Thanks in Advance and sorry for my bad english P.S: Im from germany (prices in €)