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  1. I did do a gpu driver update. I did try a clean install for it after I got issues, then I also rolled back to a clean installation of much older driver. (17th sept) And no hardware changes. Also idk how relevant that is but I also got an update for some hp monitor driver (now disabled via device manager) and there was some update for Intel HD 4600 in windows update. But I can't find any trace of integrated graphics in device manager or nvidia control panel.
  2. It can happen within 5-10 min when I start the pc, or doesn't happen at all while heavy gaming for 4-5 hours. Never had any such issues before
  3. Hey, I have been having this problem since past 3 days. Gpu-GTX 960 The display either goes black and I get the message- 'monitor going to sleep'. Or it turns brown or white and freezes until I restart by holding down the power button. During this the cpu lights, and all the fans are spinning. Sometimes I get a short stuttering sound before it goes out, other time I keep getting the entire sound output without any issues but the monitor doesn't get any signal. Even when it crashes, sometimes it reboots itself, other time I have to hold down the button.