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  1. Hello, I'm setting up a layout for MSI Afterburner's OSD, I'm currently having some problems on setting it up The first image is how mine looks like, I want to look like on the second image. But how to do that is out of my knowledge which is where you guys come in, I have no idea, if you can help me that'll be cool.
  2. It is fairly stable, thanks though.
  3. Wait, sometime my gpu automatically gets 2100 mhz core for no reason should I be worried?
  4. Anyways I managed to get a 300 Mhz Core Clock boost and 600 Mhz Memory Clock boost.. I think I'll keep it that way, the gpu starts to have winds like aorus
  5. I'm new at this overclocking gpu thing, so... I'm kinda nervous. So I have a Galax GTX 1650 DDR6 EX 1-Click OC I benchmarked the thing with FurMark GPU Stress Test and it hits around 71 Celsius maximum temperatures.. Any settings that I should change? Or maybe I should crank the settings up even more? Here is my overclocking settings in MSI Afterburner:
  6. Okay, thanks. Can I ask you another question though? The core i3 10100f is available in my country and it's priced not far from core i9 9100f and I reckon it has hyperthreading, could I maybe buy a core i3 10100f + rx 570 4 gb? Would that be a good idea?
  7. Well, maybe. Although do you have tips to differentiate the real from the fake one, separate the good from the bad? Thanks for all the help, like really thank you so much.
  8. Oh god, the price of a ryzen 5 3400g is the same with ryzen 5 2600, 3500. Even the budget ryzen 3 3300x is the same price.. But if I go with those, I'll have no budget for a gpu therefore I can't run my system. Maybe the 3400g is the best choice for me right now, however I could wait for a new year discount.
  9. So I think I should put more budget into my cpu rather than my gpu then. I do intent more on editing and recording gameplays, I guess hyperthreading is like priority number one I guess.
  10. Budget (including currency): 450$ or around 6.500.000 IDR Country: Indonesia Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: ESports and editing 1080p videos. So I'm in a tight budget and I have problem configuring my new budget rig. Currently, I'm planning for a: gaming and editing rig (I'll only be playing ESport games) and I came up with this. Core i3 9100f (1.185.000) Asrock H310CM-HDV ( 879.000) 8 GB of dual channel DDR4 RAM ( 560.000) 240 SSD