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  1. Same with Asus. I wanted to upgrade my WLAN module and bought a module with ac and bluetooth from eBay. The title had Asus in it and, suprise, wasn't seen by my Acer.
  2. Hi all, I bought myself a Lifebook E734 and got it fixed. It came without a WWAN card and I bought one from eBay. The issues is that it's not recognized. I found out that these cards are not made to fit all notebooks with an M.2 slot and I don't get why. Same with the PCIe WLAN cards. The title of my WWAN card was "EM8805 100M NGFF M.2 HSPA/WCDMA 4G Wireless WWAN Card for Dell Latitude E7250 EB". The WWAN card for the Lifebook is also an EM8805. My Q is what can I do to make the card visible on my Lifebook. Thanks!