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  1. I have seen that laptop has better performance if you connect it to external monitor. I dont actually know if its true, because it seems little bit weird, but it would be pretty cool to see the test from LTT, its actually interesting thing. I was actually talking about it here:
  2. @LogicalDrm Thanks for answers. i might try it just for fun. But would be pretty cool to see the test and video from LTT. but probably never gonna happen. Thanks again, have a good day.
  3. @LogicalDrm Because i have found this and benchmarks are actually showing that its better. And i dont know if its fake or what.
  4. Hi, i have heard that u get better performance in games from your laptop if you connect it to external monitor and play games on it. Is it true? It would be kinda interesting to see the test of it. Thanks for answers