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  1. Thank you all. Going to mark as solved. Loads of useful tips here! Just joined the site today and really pleased with the quality of responses. Best wishes!
  2. @Haro thank you, that's very helpful. I was simply browsing through various motherboards, and looking at various price points and trying to weigh up what was useful or not - and well, it got very complicated very quickly. I suppose if I'm looking at pure value - i may end up going with something like the https://www.asus.com/uk/Motherboards/TUF-GAMING-X570-PLUS-WI-FI/ What initially drew me to the B550 Taichi, is (honestly) - it looks gorgeous; then reading up about it, it seemed to have a lot of positives, like its great sound, wifi, power draw etc... where I am it is currently about £
  3. @boggy77 thank you, I agree about the overkill cooler. Great, thank you for the clarification there. I think for what I need, b550 seems absolutly fine! @mrdoubtfull thank you, I'm glad you've gone through this research and have first hand knowledge - very helpful @mariushm totally agree with overkill cooler, just through it on pc-partspicker whilst I'm figuring out the main components (gives me an overall idea on maximum cost - before I start re-fining etc) I will certainly look into the Gigabyte B550 vision D, I imagine pcie layout is going to be really important with
  4. I'm having difficulty choosing a motherboard for an build I'm planning. Haven't made any final choices but I'll copy paste my pcpartpicker list at the bottom. I'm basically waiting for new Ryzen to come out and see how it will affect prices of other cpu's before I make a final decision. I'm trying to find a vain balance between performance, efficiency and aesthetics. In the past I mostly used my PC for gaming, however lately video and audio editing has become much more common, and hoping it to be the primary use. And yes I know a 3090 is overkill, but it's down there as a pipe dream.