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Aditya K

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  • Birthday Jul 26, 2005

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    Mumbai, India
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    coding, gaming, classical physics, cricket, football
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    15yo trying to learn EVERYTHING
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    School, Tenth Grade


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    Gigabyte H81M
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    8GB DDR3-1600 Kingston
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    Asus EN210 silent
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    idk... good one tho
  • Storage
    1TB HDD Seagate
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    Cooler Master HyperT20
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    Rapoo E1050 Wireless
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    I-ball Blue eye
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    Win8.1 pro

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  1. Just in case, if I use the external HDD will it crash under prolonged use?
  2. Budget (including currency): Rs.8000 Country: India Games, programs or workloads that it will be used for: Media Server Other details: Hi there! I am looking to revive my old PC as a Media Server over LAN. The server will be in use about 15 hours a day. I am confused about storage and power supply. I will be using Jellyfin server on top of Arch Linux. I don't think an NIC is needed as I have 100MbE. Actual Dilemma: I am looking to buy a new PSU as the old one is whining bad and smoking hot. Pls suggest some good n cheap one. I already have a
  3. Pls render this one for me as my PC ain't up to the mark. Use Blender 2.90 if possible Thank You finally.blend
  4. teeeeny bit of that is fine then...
  5. And having linux is not an issue... rather it has the widest range of generic tools to test or benchmark
  6. Which brand of disks do you own? 'Cuz Seagate has SeaTools thingie which is also available for linux
  7. Also the steps to do so are on the wiki of Minecraft
  8. Depends on which game you wish to host... For eg, I find Minecraft Java Edition hosting to be easy.. I dont play any other game anyways
  9. Hi there... I want some movie recommendations... Criteria:- Fiction, humour, sci-fi, etc is preferable. NO romance, drama or such stuff. R-rated is OK as long as it is violence only. Movie series is preferred so i can binge-watch. English Language is a MUST. No dub pls.
  10. i don't wanna spend money and the free one is just a gig of memory... just tried my luck asking for an invite
  11. I want to host a server on server.pro. Can anyone pls help me with an invite. Plsssss.
  12. anyone got a invite for server.pro vps beta... the free one isn't in my location
  13. i'll post another reply if problem arises again
  14. 60 mins is good enough. i'll try that too...