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  1. No, the psu im talking about is this. If this drops in price i think i might just go with this, it looks a lot better.
  2. Would drawing more power be a performance problem or a money because i live in canada electricity is worth 0.017cents.
  3. Im planning on getting the Thermaltake 500w 80+ White. I play warzone, apex, fortnite, r6, csgo, rust, other esport titles and some slightly more demanding games. I don't know if I should opt for a coolermaster 550w 80+ bronze though. Let me know. My build is the following: Mobos: Any a320m boards ram: 4x2gb ddr4 3200mhz Case Fans: 2 SSD: silicon power 256gb CPU: r3 3100 GPU: RX 570 asus rogstrix 4gb I'd just like to add, I know the Coolermaster is better than the Thermaltake PSU. Although if the Thermaltake will suffice my needs then I'd rather j