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    <thread locked>
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    DM me for it
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    I have a fat PS2 without a network adapter.
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    Not Chicago, Illinois
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    1. Has trouble finishing projects (lack of money)
    2. Has way more posts than he should
    3. Has no idea how he got 35!!! followers (thank you all!!)
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    Main - Ryzen 5 3600
    Agent 3020 -
    XP - Pentium 4 HT 3.4 GHz (Prescott)
    2000 - Pentium III 500 MHz
  • Motherboard
    Main - ASUS ROG Strix B350-F Gaming
    Agent 3020 -
    XP - ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe
    2000 - ASUS P3V 4X
  • RAM
    Teamgroup Pro Dark 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 CL14, Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2x8GB) 3200 CL16, OC'd to 3333 MT/s C16-16-16-32 tRC 48

    XP - 2x1GB DDR 400, 1x512MB DDR 400, 1x512MB DDR 333
    2000 - Kingston KTC-G2/2048 (2x1GB) SDR PC133, 64MB SDR stick
  • GPU
    Main - 2x EVGA GeForce GTX 650 Ti Boost 2GB Superclocked Edition (OC'd to 1230 MHz core, 3510 MHz, memory, 1187 mV on both cards)
    Agent 3020 -
    XP - BFG GeForce 6800 Ultra OC, Ageia PhysX PPU
    2000 - Radeon 9250
  • Case
    Main - Rosewill CRUISER Black Gaming ATX
    Agent 3020 - Optiplex 3020 MT
    XP -
    2000 - JC Segae something
  • Storage
    Main - Intel Optane 16GB, Crucial M4 128GB, Crucial MX500 500GB, WD 80GB, WD 250GB, WD 2TB, WD 3TB
    Agent 3020 -
    XP -
    2000 - 80GB IDE, 8.6GB IDE, Quantum Bigfoot TX 4GB
  • PSU
    Main - Seasonic Focus GM-750
    Agent 3020 -
    XP -
    2000 - Enermax EG651P-VE 550W PSU
  • Display(s)
    Samsung S22B350 1080p77
    ASUS 1080p74
  • Cooling
    Main - ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 120mm, NF-F12, 1x SATA 190mm fan
    Agent 3020 -
    2000 -
    XP - Pentium III 500 MHz Slot 1 stock cooler, Dell 92mm 3-pin, Molex 80mm
  • Keyboard
    Main - Microsoft Comfort Curve 2000
    Agent 3020 -
    XP -
    2000 - Dell QuietKey SK-1000REW
  • Mouse
    Main - Kensington K72369
    Agent 3020 -
    XP -
    2000 - Microsoft IntelliMouse 1.1A PS/2 Compatible
  • Sound
    Attic-raided beige speakers
    Attic-raided subwoofer
  • Operating System
    Main - Windows 10 Home (64-bit), macOS Big Sur 11.2, Linux Mint 17.3
    Agent 3020 -
    XP - Windows XP Pro 32-bit
    2000 - Windows 2000 Professional
  • Laptop
    Toshiba Satellite L25-S1192
  • Phone
    What's a phone?

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  1. I do not weigh very much.


    98 pounds on Thursday.

    I'm 5 foot 6.

    1.   Show previous replies  12 more
    2. King of Memes

      King of Memes

      16 minutes ago, Schnoz said:

      I'm 6' 2" (1.88m) and weigh 155-160 pounds (70-72.5 kg). Oddly enough, I've retained this same weight for years even though I've grown a few inches.

      wow, thats exactly what my dad is

    3. King of Memes

      King of Memes

      im 5’10” and 140 pounds

    4. wat3rmelon_man2


      17 minutes ago, Schnoz said:

      I've retained this same weight for years even though I've grown a few inches.


  2. I'm sacrificing my boring Hawlucha (I have one foil and one normal) for this. My double sided tape will keep it on.
  3. @TheCoverUp did something happen to you? Also why is this an attachment for an unsent post.
  4. No, a generic heatsink with no fan. I'll take pictures once I get home.
  5. I would let you borrow to test but I sold the thing on eBay. Got $97 for it. I probably could have gotten more but I don't care too much - the person got what they want, I got what I want, so we're all happy. I still have the mystery CPU. I think it's a 486, but it's really weird - it has a glued-on heatsink, and there's a PCB that interfaces between the CPU pins and the socket. I have a baby AT Socket 3 motherboard though, and that's what I'm keeping. It's where my AM486 DX2-80 goes, along with my Sound Blaster CT4180.
  6. I'm sacrificing a Pokemon card for this. Think I'll kill off one of my two Hawluchas - one's fancy, one's not.



    Will edit out the white corners during lunch.

    Double-sided tape will be used.

    1. wat3rmelon_man2
    2. FakeKGB


      Edited corners out!



      I may try other creators to get it to be a Mega EX, but the only tool that's unblocked here makes it all weird whenever I set it to Mega EX (the EX part intrudes on the HP section of the card).


      For now, here you go.

  7. Can you provide an example? B-die is some of the best RAM there is, and can reach very tight frequencies and timings. I was able to run 3200 C14 on a Ryzen 5 1600X, with Zen 1's known weak IMC. It would be a complete waste to put it on 3600 C18 kits.
  8. We already have an M1 MacBook Pro. Also, sorry, what's MiniLED again? Some evolution of OLED?
  9. It is not B-die. B-die is typically 3200 C14 or 3600 C14, not 3600 C18.