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  1. Also the Specs of the GL12CP lists USB 3.1 on the Front panel, but I can't find that connector (gen 1 or gen 2) anywhere on the motherboard. Could there have been a proprietary connector they used?: https://www.asus.com/ca-en/Tower-PCs/ROG-Strix-GL12/Tech-Specs/
  2. I find it interesting the ones at the bottom right are labeled as SATA, but these higher ones aren't and can't find anything on the internet about that label. They also have additional bits on the PCB behind them other SATA ports don't. Maybe I'll try hooking up a hard drive and see if it's recognized.
  3. Hey there, I recently was gifted the Motherboard and CPU out of an Asus Gl12CP. The Motherboard has USB 3.1 connectors on the back panel and what I'm assuming are USB 3.1 connectors for the front panel based on the name. But I can't find any documentation on the Motherboard as it seems to be built specifically for that prebuilt computer and they strangely look like SATA 3 connectors. Can anyone tell me if I'm incorrect in my assumption or if there is a adapter so I can hook up the Front panel connector (have gen 1 and gen 2 connectors) on my case to this motherboard?