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  1. Thank you all, 450w ? Is enough for my build? For how many W to look for. Thanks
  2. Hello guys i need a advice which psu to get now because my 550w cant run my GTX 960 even realhardtechx.com say 430w required Looked at Tier B Core GM 650w is a bit priced Tier C Seaconic S12III 650w and Be Quiet Sytem Power 9 600w Tier D Corsair VS650w, Or you advice. around this price Looking for PSU with ,and silent with auto fan control on load. APFC-PWM, OVP,OCP,OPP,SCP,UVP Ok short /long description, i builded this pc 10 day ago, i set everything in place, i pluged my GTX 960 got from my friend in working condition, completed all and turned on pcc, pc just restarted after d