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  1. I’m thinking £30-£50. I don’t need anything that fancy.
  2. Hey guys so I’ve recently made a big upgrade to my pc and I’m happy with it but I didn’t upgrade my hard drive. I currently have a 1tb seagate barracuda HDD and I’m thinking about getting an SSD and using my current hard drive as a games library. Can anyone please recommend some good SSD’s please. I don’t need anything too crazy and expensive but I do want something decent and that will last. Thanks for your time
  3. I’m not necessarily thinking about using it, it’s just a subject I don’t really know about so I wanted to know more and then I might think about using it. Thanks for the video links.
  4. So I don’t really know too much about RAID, I know it’s to do with multiple storage devices. Could you please describe to me exactly what it is, the benefits and how to set it up please. Many thanks