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  1. rclark

    Zoom Trouble

    They have entered the meetings from both ways. Our students don't typically make accounts so they would not normally see the other log-in screen. Each of these parents, separately, decided to try from an account to see if it worked better. One has tried from Win10 (two different laptops and a desktop), Android, and iOS devices. The other has used multiple Win10 devices, an Android tablet, and an iPhone. They have not used ChromeOS, but since they have tried the web version through Chrome, I'd count it the same.
  2. rclark

    Zoom Trouble

    On Zoom the students are to log in using "Join Now", but they tried creating their own accounts to see if that would work better. I had them use for their DNS, but I can't confirm that they actually did. The hardware does not seem to be the issue since siblings switching to the devices have it work for them, but it doesn't work for the other. I'm thinking I need to use a trace route to check if there is any hiccups in the connection from their end, but I don't actually know how I would check to Zoom's service and not just their site.
  3. rclark

    Zoom Trouble

    The students are in different households. One has a sibling that stays connected to their teacher (same school, different class). The other has a parent and sibling on Zoom. They have tried different devices (confirmed), the teachers have tried starting the meetingfrom different devices (confirmed), in one class the drops happen in Zoom and Teams, they have tried different Zoom accounts and using with just join now (confirmed), and one has tried an alternative DNS, checking the router firewall settings, and running multiple speed tests (can't confirm, but no reason to doubt).
  4. rclark

    Zoom Trouble

    I have a bit of a problem that I really need a lot of help with. I am assisting two students to stay connected to Zoom, but it would seem that no matter what they are dropped. They have used a wireless, wired, and LTE hotspot for internet. In both cases there are others in the house that do not get dropped from their Zoom meetings. Both are on 100+Mbs connections. They have both tried multiple devices with the same result (iPad, multiple Windows laptops, and an Android tablet). I'm noting the multiple devices since there is a district profile on the school devices, but that doesn't seem to be