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  1. @Enzo1001 I am not sure what's the problem. Maybe I did the upload thing wrong. Can you see this imgur link? https://i.imgur.com/8aCmwwT.jpg
  2. I have the NZXT C750 PSU. I was in the process of building my PC and when I was connecting the PCI-E 8-pin cables, I noticed that there is 1 pin which is dummy, i.e., there no metal contacts inside it. In the box, there are 2 PCIE cables given and both have this dummy pin. (see: https://i.imgur.com/8aCmwwT.jpg). From the Pinout reference, I can see the this is a ground pin. In fact the bottom row 4-pins are all ground pins. Is it okay that there is 1-pin dummy in this PCI-E 8-pin connector?
  3. Cool thanks. The value pack of 5 is not in stock now. So ordered 2 of them. Will get more if needed in future depending on the need. As a side note, what's the difference between: https://www.arctic.ac/en/P12-PWM-PST/ACFAN00170A and https://www.arctic.ac/en/P12-PWM-PST-CO/ACFAN00121A Apart from the obvious Continuous mode operation thing. Either of them will do the job I suppose?
  4. @narrdarrThanks for your reply. So shall I get the P12 for both the exhausts? The case top supports 140mm fan. Should I get 140 for top and 120 for back? What do you think about adding a fan above the PSU shroud to direct the air towards the GPU? Can I use the same P12? My specs if it is useful: 5600x + 3070 FE and will be pairing it with 16/32 Gigs of RAM.
  5. Hi all. I purchased a new Lian Li Lancool 2 Mesh RGB cabinet for my first new build after seeing great reviews about it on Youtube. The case comes with 3 intake fans and no exhaust fans. I wanted to add an exhaust fan at the back now. My question is, can I add as pressure optimized fan such as Arctic P12 as exhaust fan? I have read that pressure-optimized fans are generally for CPU cooler and radiator, airflow fans are best suited for intake and exhaust. Currenty, where I live, there is absolutely no stocks of airflow fans from Noctua and Arctic. There are Arctic P12/14, Noctua NF-F1
  6. Even the B550-F strix has the bios flashback with which you can upgrade bios without CPU.
  7. Hey I am in the same boat. Had pretty much decided on getting the B550 Aorus Pro, but I read about those USB issues and it put me in a fix. I am now considering B550-F as well. Even B550-F has a problem where its LAN driver had issues. But seems like it is fixed with new firmware.