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  1. Hi, I'm going to need to change my very ageing and not so good monitor. Here's my wish list and a few details. Anyone's help, advice and opinion is more than welcome! But, first thing first, just to add one more layer of difficulty : I live in Japan. Some brands (looking at you Samsung) or models may not be available here. On the opposite side, we have brands (iiyama, io-data...) that may not be available in your countries. Use : photo and video editing -- nothing pro, but I'd like very good color accuracy, good contrast etc.
  2. Hi, I'm trying to find a USB-C dock, with a S/PDIF digital output, that is compatible with a Chromebook (Acer Spin 11 in my case). Any suggestion? I already have a dock with various video outputs, SD/TF card and ethernet, so the number and type of ports available is not important. I just want a S/PDIF out for music listening on my old but trusty sound system. Note : yes, I did think about a sound card, but nothing seems to officially support Chrome OS. Thanks
  3. The weird part is that the USB-C on the other side does output video+audio as well, but the symbol is absent.
  4. Hi, I'm intrigued by that logo next to the USB-C port. I know about the line + 3 dots one (that's for power, though I've always been unsure if it's only power in or power in+out). But what is the logo with the USB and what looks like a screen? Is it to denote a video out function? I thought Chromebooks can out put video through each USB-C port, and this logo in not present on the left side of the laptop. I'm lost... Thanks