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  1. So another update to this for anyone that's interested. I've added more photos to the original post as I've finally taken the system out of the box, you can see that the system was built and assembled at the Viking Way location in Richmond. I've also gathered more info and it turns out it was sold to a younger fellow and he did indeed pickup his system! That's all I could find out. So why it's still in the box and was never used after all these years is even more of a mystery now lol This will most likely be my last update on this topic. Thanks to all those that commented and took
  2. Spot on! $300 is what it's valued at brand new. You can build this system for $150 used. Finally took the system out of the box and it has a Noctua NH-D14! Price just went up lol Also has a Wireless-N Card but amusingly no Antennas!
  3. Thank you for your opinion. It's not shared by everybody, but I still appreciate the feedback as I haven't received any reply from Linus or LTT Staff and I think I've given them enough time to reply, so I think I'm just going to get rid of it. And you're right, Linus wasn't interested in much at the auction (Other then that broken Shield >.<), but that was mostly due to the typical crowd bidding over retail on items and then the 15% premium Able Auctions charges on top. I was also there and bought nothing myself, I had much better luck at the SuperMicro Bankruptcy auction some
  4. I'm just curious why it was sitting in the corner of a warehouse untouched for 10 Years when it had been sold to a customer. Regardless of any of that, before I sold it for parts or whatever I end up doing with it, I thought to myself "Maybe this is something Linus would be interested in doing a video on?". I just thought I'd at least give him the opportunity. And a few others have also suggested he should do a video on it, so I'm not alone in that thought. And if you're a regular viewer of his videos, then you know it would fit right in. Coming up with new content and video ideas is hard, and
  5. I'm still running a few systems from NCIX I built, Including this one (i7-6700K). And yeah, I had the same issue with a 19" CRT, wouldn't fit in the trunk or the back seat, so had to take it out of the box lol
  6. That's just the case sticker, it's from Toronto, not the system. It's 100% from a Richmond location. I've just texted a friend of mine from NCIX and it turns out he knows Ivan very well and he stills works with him, so were going to see if he can't provide us with any info about this system.
  7. It was actually sold. Not sure why it never made it to the customer. But it's not every day you find a brand new NCIX PC sealed in the box. I don't know, I thought it might be worth doing a video on, and others seem to agree so the least I could do is give Linus the chance.
  8. It was suggested by those on r/LinusTechTips that I post this here on the forums. This is a small piece of NCIX history and myself and others felt before I do anything with the system I should at least give Linus the option of making a unboxing video.