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  1. I would like to add that I just used a blow dryer on the mobo and it turned on, no complications......
  2. Sorry meant 36C for GPU 56 is probably while gaming but I can't remember atm
  3. I'll press the power button and the fans won't run there are no beeps nothing, it simply won't turn on at all I've checked the system many times over this past week and used HWmonitor Nothing is over heating Cpu is around 20-30C (Ryzen 5 2600) Gpu is around 36C (raedon sapphire 56) When I flip the Psu switch my mobo lights up for a second (its a gold 750) I also tried multiple Psu CX750 and a gold 550 It only seems to work when the climate hits 84F+ (27C)+
  4. Its not even that cold 73F or 22C But it seems that it won't start unless it gets warmer i.e. mid to late afternoon I've been checking the hardware no bulging or blown capacitors B450 aorus elite
  5. Alright so it's happened again I'm unable to start up my PC, YAY T_T Sunday after messing with it for 5 hours it magically started to work and I didnt know what I did right Monday same issue but after I reset the Ram and reconnected the SATA cables it booted Today(Tuesday) surprise and I've done the same thing. Took apart everything and reassembled it. After talking with a friend it might be that my CPU is overheating Ryzen 5 2600 (I know its not the greatest im broke) TL;DR PC wont start, post, boot I've reassembled from scratch Might
  6. also I got it working again but I'm really not sure what happened I did find that one of my fans pins is messed up and that might have cause some electrical interference but really I dont know Thank you very much for your swift replies
  7. No it doesn't boot although I haven't tried since I've taken it apart I've had this issue in the past but after reseating the RAM and CPU connector the light worked and functioned properly
  8. Hello ive recently encountered an issue where my mobo light will flash on(blue) for a split second and the off again. After unplugging everything even reseting the cpu it was still showing the same results. After I tried to reconnect everything one by one, changing PSU. Finally I redid the front panel and now the light is red idk what is going on Mobo is B450 Aorus elite 20201018_142316.mp4