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  1. Whoa I wasn’t even aware amazon went live with any. I feel like you’re the only one. Even tomshardware didn’t mention amazon ever having stock
  2. Best Buy’s staggered stock release seemed like a good idea but at checkout shipping and local pickup was unavailable for people all over the country... how? Newegg sold out so fast you’d think they had one of each card. By the time the website stopped lagging they were gone. B&H said “coming soon” the whole time and then the cards were removed from the site. did anyone without a bot manage to order a card online? As far as I’ve heard, only people who got them, were at micro center in person.
  3. Hi, new guy here. New to the LTT forums and also this thread. Didn’t expect to see a car thread in here but I’m all in! Here are my babies
  4. Ok so, I figured I’d come on here and say what I did to fix the problem. I had plugged both 6+2 connectors off of one cable into the 2 8 pin slots on the gpu. I ran a second cable from the modular power supply to the gpu so each 4 pin slot on the gpu was populated by its own cable to the power supply. Then ran the extra ends off to the side. I do not know if that was necessary or if another issue sorted itself out while I did that. But if you’re having a similar issue, that’s how I fixed it. p.s. don’t mind the sticky notes and erasers holding up my gpu. Gpu support bracket is on the way.
  5. I have 6 Corsair LL120s, 3 pull air in the front, 2 push air out of the top, and one pushes air out of the back. The airflow is good and my 1660 ti never behaved like this.
  6. Unigen heaven, 3d mark and a few games (Assassins creed odyssey, GTA 5, and Witcher 3) . All loads produced the same result. Instantly up to exactly 70° and 100% fan speed.
  7. I just got an msi rtx 2080 super gaming x trio to replace my 1660 ti. The card went in and I was over the moon. I instantly decided to benchmark the card to make sure everything was up to snuff. When I hit the card with a load, in about 2 seconds it shot up to 70° and ramped the fans to what sounded like 100% speed. I stopped the benchmark and the card again in about 2 seconds went down to 31~° degrees and shut the fans down. I tried changing the fan curve with after burner. I can apply settings and after burner will say the card is running at whatever % speed I set the fans to, but my ears ar